State of New York

George E. Pataki



Dear Friends: It's a pleasure to welcome and extend warm greetings to the world-renowned musical performers who have gathered in New York City to participate in the 1998 IBLA Festival of the Two Worlds, February 25- March 5, 1998.

This occasion represents a truly remarkable cultural experience whereby more than 200 of the most talented international musicians share their artistry through a presentation of extraordinary performances. This series of concerts also gives these highly skilled musicians the opportunity to further their artistic careers by enabling them to compete for the opportunity to participate in other worldwide performances. Moreover, this occasion is a means by which the outstanding abilities of respected and admired figures in the world of music.

I am pleased to offer my compliments to the sponsors of this event,l for their efforts to bring people closer to fulfilling their dreams of realizing the highest level of artistic achievement.

In addition, as the founders of this event, Dr. Salvatore Moltisanti and Michael Yasenak are to be commended for their dedication and lifetime commitment to perpetuating the arts and ensuring their continued presence in our lives.

On behalf of all New Yorkers, It is my hope that all of the performers find their experience to be rewarding and memorable.

Best Wishes to all.

Very truly yours,

George E. Pataki