Duomo San Giorgio              San Giorgio Piazza                                                            A view of Ibla (downtown) from Ragusa (uptown)     Kelly Knox in via del  Mercato  

in Ragusa Ibla


San Giorgio Piazza


Chiesa Maddalena                                                            San Tommaso


                                                                                                                                                                                              a rare view of snow covered Ibla                                  Piazza Pola


IBLA Winners pianist Laura Pauna (South Africa), pianist Cara Hesse (South Africa), pianist Macieji Granat (Poland), pianist Alessio Quaresima (Italy),      Winner pianist Eugene Gutchin & soprano Victoria Galtseva

soprano Adrienne Miks (Hungary) performing evening concerts in Piazza Pola in Ibla                                                                                                                            from Russia



Palazzo Donnafugata Scucces located between           Teatro Donnafugata located within the Palazzo            Piazza Pola                                                                        Piazza Pola

Piazza Duomo and Piazza Pola



Castello di Donnafugata                                                  Dewi Soekarno